Hi! I'm new. I would like if anyone could tell me if what I am writing is understandable.

This is a dream I had a long time ago. It's about earth.

One summer, four teenager went to a mountain They had a quest to complete.

Hope and James are best friends since childhood. On the summer of their junior year on high school. Their parents got transfer to the small town of Wellington.

Hope and James were happy that they were moving to the same town.

On the first day of school they met two shy teens. They quickly made friends with them. Their names are Nathaniel and Alexa.

Nathaniel was walking to his next class, suddenly he saw a black car approaching the school. He didn't have a good feeling about the car.


The black shadow came at night. The town feared it.

Carly was new in town. She didn't know about the Black Shadow.

She was walking when the shadow appeared to her.

"Carly" it said "you are in danger in order to survive, you have to meet with four person from the new school that you are going to attend. Their names are Hope Steven, Nathaniel Holmes, Alexa Night and James Adams. They will help you in your quest."

Carly looked at the Black Shadow leaving.

"What quest?" she shouted to the shadow but it was no longer there.


Nathaniel pulled out his phone and called Alexa.
"Alexa, we have a problem. Our enemy is back" He could hear the intake of breaths from Alexa.
"Are you sure?" Alexa whispered.
"Yes, I saw the black car"
"Nooo" Alexa cried "we have to move again. I was starting to like this little town"
"I know" Nathaniel said " let stay another month. I think we are going to find our partner here"
"You think?" said Alexa with a bit of hope.

Alexa an Nathaniel are not from this planet. They were sent to earth to stop the person who destroyed their planet and to find their true love one.

Nathaniel had a good feeling about the two new students. They have simething special about them.

With words of reassurance, he ended the call.

He was worried. He hoped the new kids were their partners. For their sake and ours.

Carly ran the whole way home. Her heart was beating fast from her encounter with the Black Shadow. The moment she entered her house, she felt save.

"Mom" her daughter said "why are you shaking?". Until then she hadn't notice that she was shaking.

"I'm a little cold, Natalie"

Natalie pushed her mom into the living room And sat her down on the rocking chair near the fireplace.

The living room had a sofa, in the middle sat a coffee, on the wall facing the sofa was a Television. The Walls were painted with a cream colour.

Carly snuggled against the chair and fell asleep.

Natalie saw her mom asleep and she wondered why her mom shaking. The night wasn't specially cold. She put those thoughts at the back of her head and watch her mom sleeping. She put a blanket over her.

The next morning Carly woke up on her bed. (I fell asleep on the rocking chair. How did I ended up waking up on the bed), she thought (Damian probably carried me to bed. How nice of him)

Today was a special day. It was her first day at work. She felt a little nervous. She wanted to be a teacher since childhood. She had a big smile on her face.

"Why so happy sweetheart?" Damian asked his wife.

She rolled onto her side to look at him. He smiled at her.

"I start my teaching job."

"What grade are you teaching?"

"I'm teaching eleventh grade"

When Carly arrived to the school, she went to her classroom. She had been preparing for the school year. The subject she would be teaching is art