In the America, there are more cars than people become the latest worriment for countries in the world, such as in America. There are thousands of reasons that cause people owning a vehicle to increase, for example, Americans are the individualistic ideology people, means Americans love freedom and want to do everything in their own. Freedom is the only one advantage to own the car; consequently, when there are more and more cars, the negative impacts, such as high gas prices, traffic, accidents, pollution and so on is the most headache heading for many governors in America. More people owning the cars become a large issue and disadvantage cause by cars is about pollution and greenhouse effect.
Developed countries constantly are increasing the demand of goods and supplies which is pushed the industries to produce more pollution. Also in these countries, people prefer have more cars than use the public transport. “If you do not have a car, it means you do not have your leg and you die.”, one of my friend said. Because of the rate of owning a vehicle increasing, it is becoming a large issue that causes pollution and greenhouse effects. As a consequence, the greenhouse effect is causing changes in the climate, which are on direct relation with natural disasters such as tsunamis and the melting ice in the Antarctic. Not only is the greenhouse effect cause changes in the climate, but also it is causing changes in the wild animals such as a lot of rarest animal species are in the threats to endanger or the stand on the brink of extinction.
Owning a car is good for convenience and independence in America because without a car, a person cannot go anywhere. However, there are numerous disadvantages, such as pollution, greenhouse effect, high gas prices, traffic, accidents, etc. Since the world is becoming hotter and hotter, the cause of pollution and greenhouse effects become the most headache heading for many governors in America