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    Exclamation Need help and advice with writing appeal letter. Please help.

    Im writing to the english coordinator, and im trying to get into AP 11 english. the main reason (i think) why im not getting in is because i got a 93 on eng 10 (not above 95) and that my previous eng teacher recommended 11 Regents.

    my reasons:

    I came to this school and thus the 10 english class this march. when i came here, a major writing assignment was due. seeing that i did not have enough time, the teacher said i didn't have to do it.

    later i will find out that because of this being the last essay assignment of the year, i wont be getting to write any essays, except a short 1 paragraph essay in the final, and a final portfolio.

    so, time comes for the final exam. students are supposed to read a few books over the course of the year, and the final just tests on content. no analysis. my teacher told me i will only be tested on the books that i read, not those read before i came to the school. so i agreed.

    during the test, i find out my test is the same as everyone else's and around 30% of the questions i had no clue. (i did a bit of last minute on sparknotes on some of the books i didn't read just in case)
    at the end of the test, i point this out to my teacher and he said he forgot about it and told me he won't grade those parts about books i didn't read. at this point im already skeptical about this cos how was he supposed to know which books i didnt read? but i let it go anyway.

    when the final report came, i got a 91 on the final. i got 97 in the third marking period and 96 on the 4th. my total average was 93. something wrong?

    here is the problem. i was never here in marking periods 1 and 2, but it says i got 90 on both of those. (aboslute bs) For my other subjects, my teachers averaged out my marking period 3,4 and final exam grade, and put that as my mp 1 and 2 grade. this should be the right way shouldnt it?

    so i went to talk to my eng teacher about it. he said they were just placeholders and didn't count in my grade. SO HOW THE HELL DOES 97 96 and 91 become 93.

    also, another problem i have is the final exam itself. rmb i said they included questions about books i did not read and my teacher said they wouldn't count? i am very VERY sure i will not get a 91 on the final because those books that i read, in my previous school, we analyzed those 3 books for the whole year. i am very sure i wouldnt get a 91 on a test just based on content?

    pls help me quick, im really desperate to get into the ap class, and well school is starting soon so...

    p.s. sorry for any mistakes, typed this in a hurry

    Right now i have this much going:

    Dear Mrs. Brown,
    I am writing to humbly appeal for your reconsideration of my acceptance into the 11th grade Advanced Placement English class. My guidance counselor mentioned that the two reasons I am not being admitted into the class are because of my final average of 93 not reaching the 95 minimum, and because of inadequate writing abilities. I fully respect your and the teachers’ decisions, but I must also point out some discrepancies between the grades reflected on my report card and my true capabilities.
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    Re: Need help and advice with writing appeal letter. Please help.

    Of course, im not done with the letter yet, that's is just what i have already written

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