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    warehouse and wharehouse


    the dictionary says WAREHOUSE is correct, but WHAREHOUSE has always been a spelling option that Ive seen as well (ie company names)

    can you advise if WHAREHOUSE can be used?

    Kevin - Australia

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    Re: warehouse and wharehouse

    G'day, mate.

    My Oxford doesn't list wharehouse or whare, nor does, but that doesn't mean to say it's incorrect, spelling-wise. There're a great number of companies that use the name "wharehouse", and there are a great number of on-line English speakers, possibly from Australia and New Zealand, who seem to use that spelling as well. I've yet to find anything on where the variation originated from, but I what I can tell you is this: whare is the Maori word for "house".

    Could the spelling wharehouse be a borrowing from Maori?

    All the best,


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