One week's end Jude was as usual walking out to his aunt's at Marygreen from his lodging in Alfredston, a walk which now had large attractions for him quite other than his desire to see his aged and morose relative. He diverged to the right before ascending the hill with the single purpose of gaining, on his way, a glimpse of Arabella that should not come into the reckoning of regular appointments.
(T. Hardy: Jude the Obscure)

Have I understood the part in bold right?

His short visit to Arabella on his way back to his aunt's was going to be nothing more than just saying "Hello" to each other, apart from the appointments they were having regularly, in other words, they were seeing each other now.
(A reckoning here should mean roughly an account or a record, therefore, this short meeting should not be viewed (registered) as one of their regular appointments.)