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    last part of the funeral

    What do we call:

    1) the last part of the funeral that the close relatives and friends of the deceased standing by the sides of casket and carry it walking out the funeral hall till the moment right before the casket lifting up to the funeral coach heading to the cementry?

    2) the persons who carry the casket at the above situation?

    Is the above sentence correct?


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    Re: last part of the funeral

    The people who carry the coffin are the "pallbearers". I don't know if there's a specific name for the time at the end when they carry the coffin away. The last funeral I went to when that actually happened, I remember the celebrant saying "Please stand for the removal of the coffin".

    I've only actually been to one funeral where the coffin was being removed to go to a cemetery for burial. Cremation is much more common in the UK, so at the end of the funeral service, the coffin simply disappears on a moving travelator, behind some curtains, ostensibly on its way to the incinerator (although apparently the burning doesn't actually take place there and then).

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