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    any difference ?

    Hi all,

    1. Here is a sentence taken from the Total Guitar magazine :

    "As always we're assuming no previous knowlegde..."

    Why the writer used "assuming" instead of "assume" ? Is there any difference in meaning ?

    2. Which use of "watch" is correct ? (maybe both ?)

    a) I watched Ann performing on stage.

    b) I watched Ann perform on stage.

    Is there ANY difference in meaning between these two ?

    3. The same thing but in the present tenses... so again which one is okey, and why ? Is there any difference in meaning ?

    a) I'm watching Ann performing on stage.

    b) I watch Ann performing on stage.

    c) I'm watching Ann perform on stage.

    Thanks, best wishes,

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    Re: any difference ?

    1- No real difference, but the use of 'assuming' suggests that they might change their policy, though as they say 'as always', it sounds unlikely.
    2- 'perform' suggests that you saw erveything, while 'performing' might indicate you saw part
    3- b) suggests that you do this regularly- her staff could use this one as the accompany her on tour. a) & c) are pretty much the same as they are both now, so no real difference to me.

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