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    Need Help On Grammar

    Hi admins :) I'm sorry I post this thread again. Is it okay if we post it here instead of the Poetry forum/channel? Because I really need help on the grammar and it's quite urgent actually.

    I wrote this but maybe there are grammatical mistakes somewhere. Please help...

    Thank you so much.


    Look at how we lead technology
    With great unity, strengths and dreams

    Desire, dedication, discipline
    We now stand in the eyes of the world

    Letís thank Him for his blessings
    The source of strength and harmony
    Strive for the best
    Put our dreams to the test
    The great values lead us all

    Eminent quality
    Itís you, our priority
    Consistency, Innovative
    In team we hail to succeed
    For those in need
    Honesty, Sincerity

    Walk hand-in-hand, side-by-side
    We lead our way to victory
    Our spirit will never collide
    Togetherness is the key

    We are determined to succeed
    No obstacle stands in our way
    For every success we achieve
    Will be shared, we believe
    In our hands it will be

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    Re: Need Help On Grammar

    Grammatically it's mostly OK, with poetic licence accounting for any problems.


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