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  1. Styx


    --the man who dared both to love and decesive her and to decesive her wife and security authorities. Also, surely, himself, where she was concerned.

    What does 'where she was concerned' mean?


  2. AlainK

    Re: Decesive

    Don't take it bad, but I thought:
    "My, there must have been a bug in the word processor on which the text was typed, it added "s"s at random: decesive instead of deceive, she instead of he"; or maybe there was some pizza sauce between the keys of the keyboard.
    Are you sure the text was corrected before being printed? 'where HE was concerned' would make more sense to me, otherwise, we couldn't even be sure which of the two women he mentioned before is referred to...
    It'd say it's a series of typos...


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    Re: Decesive

    her wife???


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