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Summer Parties for Kids

Parties are fun moments that children love. Discover easy ideas for summer theme parties suitable for any occasion.

You don’t have to empty your pockets for entertaining your kids. You can organize theme parties with a little imagination and skill. If your child has already learned to use colored pencils or water colors, you can work together to organize the party. A beautifully decorated cake, some game ideas and two or three parents willing to be present should be enough to satisfy the little ones and get through the day with no stress at all.
Beach Party

Even if you live in an apartment, or you don’t have a pool in the yard, this doesn’t mean you can not throw a real beach party, for your kids and their friends. Everybody who has been invited should follow the rules.
What to wear

  • Swimsuits, beach towels, sun hats and sunglasses.
  • Make garlands of popcorn for all your (including parents) and put them around their necks when they arrive.

Decorate the house or yard with beach balls, traditional beach toys such as buckets, spades, rakes, some sea shells that you have gathered together from the sea shores in the past vacations. If you own a back yard, try to improvise a mini beach where children will use their toys to play in the sand.

Beach party menu
• A hedgehog with fruit skewers - cut a watermelon in half, put it on a plate, and decorate it with skewers filled with seasonal fruits: banana slices, strawberries, pineapple.
• Fruit cocktails - prepare fruit juices, pour them into glasses and decorate them with colorful umbrellas and drinking straws.
• Fruit sorbet – more delicious and much healthier than regular ice cream. It contains only fruits, sugar and water. Mix them in a blender and refrigerate for a few hours.
Sailor & Pirate Party

Most of the children are fascinated by the world of seas and oceans, the brightly colored fishes and stories about fearless sailors that fight with pirates. You can organize a theme party for young fishermen and sailors where the boat crew will be in the spotlight.

What to wear

  • Sailor T-shirts and white caps or red T-shirts and pirate hats. The girls might come dressed as mermaids.
  • Improvise angles for your little guests. You only need a stick, a rope and a hook made of aluminum foil.

Decorate the table and house in blue and green - the colors of the sea; use fish pictures, bottles with messages in them, ships and boats made of paper. Ask your friends who are passionate about fishing if they could give you a fisherman net and a few rods.
Fish party menu
• Crispy fish sticks or tuna sandwiches decorated with cucumbers.
• Lemonade decorated with blue umbrellas.
• Sweet, homemade biscuits, shaped as fishes, stars and seahorses.
Motor Party - for boys

Most of the boys enjoy playing with toy cars. If you have a boy, you can organize a party where he will be the main driver.

What to wear

  • Anything that your guests like to wear.
  • You should make for them caps with their name on, a name tag or if your budget allows, a T-shirt with the name of each guest and a number, like the real race pilots in Formula 1.


  • an arch of colored balloons
  • toy cars
  • colored flags
  • trophies
  • Formula 1 flags

Motor party menu
• Everything you cook for this party should be related to cars. If you make burgers, decorate them with a round slice of mozzarella or Swiss cheese, to make them look like a car wheel.
• You can decorate in the same way round biscuits with icing-chocolate circles. You can even create cookie "traffic lights" if you use colored icing.
• Fruit juice will give power to the little motorists. Prepare a cocktail with soda and fruit juice to resemble champagne, in honor of the winners.
Fairy Party - for girls

Fairy dust and magic spells are the girls’ favorite entertainment, so it will be fun, if you have a girl, to host a party for young fairies.

What to wear

  • Anything that is pink.
  • Make for all the guests a magic stick with a cardboard star covered with aluminum foil on top of it.
  • Don’t forget about the soap bubble toys. Buy some and give them to the young fairies when they arrive.

Decorate the room with glitter, paper flowers, pink balloons, butterflies and fluffy clouds. Use a gold tablecloth and throw magic powder, confetti and colored pink roses on it.
Fairy Party Menu

  • The fairies would love to drink fruit tea in small cups, decorated with a slice of lemon.
  • Cook little sandwiches and cut them in the shape of a star.
  • Bake cakes and cookies decorated with gold or silver bonbons.

Do not forget to capture the memorable moments of your party and send a picture to all children invited!

Thank you in advance.