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    Causative sentence

    I'm a student from Truman college level 7.
    I'm confused about the form of the causative sentence with get, help, make, have,and let.

    My teacher told me that these kinds of sentences can not be changed to passive voice, but saw on internet the kinds of sentence are called causative passive.

    May you show me the right way of using them?

    please kindly inform if I did something wrong cause this is my first time.

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    Re: Causative sentence

    I had my TV repaired.
    I got mt TV repaired.
    Both can be called passive because the person (subject) who repaired the TV is not known. But
    I had Jack repair my TV.
    I got Jack to repair my TV.
    can be called active because the person who repaired the TV set is known. It' Jack.

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    Re: Causative sentence

    Welcome to the forum, Sotthey,

    I disagree with the first part of English Freak's answer.

    If this is what you mean:

    I was made to walk to school;
    He can be helped to overcome his disability;
    A lovely time was had by all;

    - then those are just fine.

    As for get, you could say 'Some bacon was got for our tea', but that's an ugly construction and is best avoided.

    I wouldn't try to turn 'He let me use his computer' into the passive, although you could say 'I was allowed to use his computer'.

    It's fine to use phrasal verbs like let in and let out in the passive:

    Come early and you'll be let in first;
    The dog was let out for a run.'


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