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Thread: meaning of game

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    meaning of game

    Script from VOA news:

    "One thing should be made clear, nobody will serve the interests of Afghans other than Afghans themselves. And this is one thing: that Afghans should become united in order to save this country," he said. "And definitely we need the support of regional countries and international community. But the definite factor is the Afghan themselves. To put their differences aside. To come together and look to the game. And not to be the victim of the game of others."
    My question is what does game mean and what does" look to" mean in this passage?

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    Re: meaning of game

    The writer is using words to express interactions between countries. He likens them to a game.

    "look to the game" means to become focused.

    "victim of the game of others" means not to be a victim of the actions of another country.

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