Watching The Smith’s video where Morrissey and a bunch of guys are riding bicycles. There is always this poetic vibe to bicycles. There is so much carelessness, even some naiveté to them. Reminds one of an old charming toy from your childhood. So probably this is the reason why I love taking pictures of bicycles, on an unconscious level of course. And I have this mood tonight: as Morrissey sings in my favorite song ‘Take me out tonight, because I want to see people and I want to see life’. I definitely like early-september-evenings-in-Tashkent. People coming back from work, people walking with their kids, wives, mistresses, friends, enemies, those lovely echoes of chit chats you catch from the far, the breeze giving you goosebumps and a (hypothetical) gentleman taking care of you with his extra-large jacket. So yeah, take me out.