Good day folks,

I am writing a Statement of Purpose for the Ph.D. program in Chemistry. Could you please check just two paragraphs to see if there are any errors in spelling/punctuation/grammar?

The interdisciplinary nature of my work can be best illustrated by my senior thesis, which has been written at "Lighthouse", where I was working full-time as the final stage of my study. There, side by side with Chemists and Engineers, I was trying to improve existing technology of Cs-137-based radiation sources preparation. Having analyzed main flaws of the technique (high solubility of sources, waste of Cs-137 in the form of dust, unacceptable radiation properties of Cs-based tablets), I was seeking for an alternative method to prepare less wasteful, more durable insoluble radiation sources. Ultimately, I found a way for using zeolites (Cs(Na)AlSiO4) as a starting material along with the further ion exchange of Na+ for 137Cs+ that yielded radiation sources of desired properties, which were easier in handling. It was especially stimulating for my work to collaborate on the project with leading engineers of "Lighthouse", who subsequently used project results for a variety of purposes. Thereafter, the new technology brought me an offer of full-time permanent position at "Lighthouse", and I graduated in the top 5 percent of class. Writing the thesis also helped me gain invaluable industry experience and increased my ability to participate in a project as a research team member and as an individual, thus having prepared me for my future academic career.

Regarding my interests in science, although my experience was not always narrowed down to these two truly inseparable realms of chemistry, research in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry has been captivating me most of all throughout my study. In my opinion, while humanity in this technologic century is able to construct enormous spacecrafts reflecting a high evolutional level it reached, still too little is known about extremely intricate chemical processes occurring in even tiniest living organisms. Hence, I would like to link my destiny to investigation of such problems of chemistry as synthesis components of biological importance and analysis of organic reactions mechanisms. I am confident that U.S. graduate study with subsequent employment in academia will empower me to turn my desire into reality, and my accomplishments during undergraduate study along with satisfaction I derived from it make me believe the choice is realistic and undoubtedly right.

Thank you in advance!