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    give me suggestion

    I am new member of this forum so i am reading some of posted i am happy to know we can share all kind of memory which can be help for learning and the teacher and friends suggest and correction the writing sentence which is very appreciable work. if you know what is your weak point and how it will be write on right way then you can write easily and good way. I always wants to write more and more but nobody give me good suggestion and one more thing that i am little bit shy as well to ask the people. I like this forum very much.
    I know that what I writing it is not very much correct sentence but i want to help from you guys plz make it correct way that i will catch my weak point and i will write a proper way . thank you

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    Re: give me suggestion


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    Re: give me suggestion

    I am a native English speaker. I remember when I studied Spanish in high teacher told us every day that the only way to learn a new language was by repetition, repitition, repitition..... She was right. Repeating vocabulary drills and writing them was very boring, but it helped to eventually make speaking/writing in Spanish more automatic. After you've written down the proper conjugation of "ir" a zillion times, your brain will immediately recognize it when someone says "vamos" to you.

    And, looking back to my own childhood, that's exactly how American school children learn English grammar and vocabulary. Repetition. Endless drills of conjugating verbs and diagramming sentences on paper. There are no shortcuts. Just like the professional dancer who must learn the choreography to a new show, it's all about constant repetition.

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