People are mistaken if they believe grades are what makes a good student. To the teacher who has to deal with a student that is smart but doesn't show up to class or put effort into her work the student may not be titled as a good student is a factor in when being considered for a university. It is true that for most freshman entering college that a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) is set as the baseline. However depending on the college a lower GPA may be accepted. Actually, a dedicated and cooperative student is what makes a good student.

A dedicated student means that the student is committed to her study. If you are dedicated to your studies that means that you work hard at your studies because its important to you. An example of dedication to ones studying would be completing the critical thinking questions after each chapter. Doing this will better prepare the student for any up coming tests or final exams. A dedicated student will go the extra mile to succeed and reach her goal.

Like dedication a student must also be cooperative. In a school setting this means that the student must work together with other classmates, teachers, and counselors. If a teacher assigns a group project a cooperative student will apply oneself with the other group members to complete the assignment. This means following the directions set by the instructor and also engage with the classmates to successful complete the assignment. Cooperation is crucial to achieve a goal.

Taking the number of students that was enrolled in the ninth grade four years ago and dividing that into the number of dropouts over a four year time period is how the high school dropout is determined. Regions, in the Virginia 2009-2010 school year, saw some unexpected dropout rates. Northern Virginia is responsible for a 6.2% dropout rate. Virginia's high school dropout rate decreased from 3.9 percent in 2000 to 2.7 percent in 2008, based on the National Center for Education Statistics. When students were asked why they dropped out of high school nearly 7 in 10 students (69 percent) said they were not motivated or inspired to work hard. Statistics show that if homework was done more than a hour each day in high school then there would not be a 80 percent drop out rate. Almost 38 percent of students said that “too much freedom” contributed to them dropping out.

I've probably shattered your belief that grades are the only factor that is important for someone to be a good student, consider how many dropouts could be graduates if they had been dedicated and cooperative. "In this kind of knowledge economy, giving up on your education and dropping out of school means not only giving up on your future, but it's also giving up on your family's future," Obama said. "It's giving up on your country" ( Students need to start taking accountability to be able to become a good student.