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    two-word verb...


    This is the first visit.

    I'd like to know two-word verb.

    1) look at
    2) turn off

    I learned that 'at' in the first sentence is a preposition and 'off' in the second is a 'asverb'.

    How can I tell a preposition from a adverb?
    Best regards. :D

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    For example:

    'I looked at my watch.'
    'I turned off the TV.'

    No rule is foolproof, but two ways are:

    (1) Insert an adverb:

    'I looked carefully at my watch.'
    X 'I turned carefully off the TV.'

    (2) Isolate the particle:

    'What did you look at?'
    'At my watch.'

    'What did you turn off?'
    X 'Off the TV.'

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