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    Greek - English relationship.

    Hello everyone. I know two languages: Greek and English. Do you know the relationship between these languages? Do you believe there is not relationship? All of you know English but few know about English and Greek relationship.

    There are too many words in English which have origin from Greek. Most of them are in science. For example geometry, polytechnic, cyclone, typhoon, economy etc.

    Now, I want to show you a text in English language. If you want to understand this text you must know Greek, no English.

    2 October 1959
    Ksenofontas Zolotas
    International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

    It is anathema on our epoch and the heresy of our economic method and policies that we should agonise the Skyla of numismatic plethora and the Charybdis of economic anaemia.
    It is not my idiosyncrasy to be ironic or sarcastic out my diagnosis would be that politicians are rather cryptoplethorists. Although, they emphatically stigmatise numismatic plethora, they energise it through their tactics and practices. Our policies should be based more on economic and less on political criteria. Our gnomon has to be a metron between economic strategic and philanthropic scopes. In an epoch characterised by monopolies, oligopolies, monopolistic, antagonism and polymorphous inelasticities, our policies have to be more orthological, but this should not be metamorphosed into plethorophodia which is endemic among academic economists.
    Numismatic symmetry should not antagonise economic acme. A greater harmonisation between the practices of the economic and numismatic archons is basic. Parallel to this we have to synchronise and harmonise more and more our economic and numismatic policies panethnicaly. These scores are more practicable now, when the prognostics of the political and economic barometer are halcyonic.
    The history of our didimus organisation on this sphere has been didictic and their gnostic practices will always be a tonic to the polyonymous and idiomorphous ethnical economies. The genesis of the programmed organisation will dynamise these policies.
    Therefore, I sympathise although not without criticism one or two themes with the apostles and the hierarchy of our organs in their zeal to program orthodox economic and numismatic policies.
    I apologise for having tyranised you with my Helenic phraseology. In my epilogue I emphasise my eulogy to the philoxenous autochtons of this cosmopolitan metropolis and my egnomium to you Kyrie, the stenographers.

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    Re: Greek - English relationship.

    Quote Originally Posted by Energy Engineer View Post
    Hello everyone. I know two languages: Greek and English. Do you know the relationship between these languages?
    They are both members of the Ino-European family of languages.[...]

    Now, I want to show you a text in English (language). If you want to understand this text you must know Greek, not English.
    There are two points here:
    1. The words in your text may originally have come from the Greek, but they are now English words (at least, most of them are). We do not have to understand Greek to read English.
    2. Actually, of course, the text is not English. Someone has been having fun composing this mock speech.

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