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    My english writing in day 3

    You can't image how desire and how excited feeling I got when I entered today. After opened up the "Editing & Writing Topics" column, I realised that "My english writing in day 2" hasn't been proofread, a little bit disappointment came out in my mind. I said to myself :" teachers here are busy, they don't have time to read every article, they need to do something else in their spare time. One thing you need to do is keep on your writing, someone or maybe anyone who will look at your work and help you to correct the mistakes. Don't give up! It's your choice to improve your written english skill here. Just keep going, man! Unless the administraor of this website kick you out."

    Today I want to share another story to the readers here. It's about an air hostess who gave up her dream job and live with the village boy to make a living by raising pigs. The girl's name is Rang Rang (RR), she has been living in city all her life. She even doesn't know how to do the housework. Her mother uses all she can to get her daughter the opportunity to become an air hostess. Finally she's the only girl who got the chance to send to the Airline University around 20 girls in her small town. Everyone in the small town discuss this hot issue in their spare time, because there's no girl had been selected to be an air hostess before there.

    On the other side, a village boy who named Pang Zhu (PZ) just finished his degree in big city and he tried to find a suitable job. As we know, in China, it's very difficult to find a dream job when you just left school. PZ didn't know what's his next plan to survive in the mega city. He made a decision to go back to his village and started to raise pigs. All his relatives and friends were disagreed with what he had done to build the swine houses. People in the village said:" he is the biggest loser, no girl is going to marry him."

    RR's grandma has been living in the same village as PZ lived since she's eight years old. One night, PZ went to his friend's house and he saw RR who gave him the fressness and purity. PZ thought RR is his dream girl, he wanted to make the girl his girl friend and wife later. Love is an amazing thing which can make these two people from "different world" comes together. When PZ found out that RR is an air hostess in a big airline company, he got the feeling to withdraw a bit. A village boy who hasn't make his swine house profitable, in contrast a up town girl who has already become a successful air hostess in big comapny. But PZ hadn't give up the slim chance and he started to be a postive pig raiser and finally made the fortune on his business. The two loving birds from different sky finally build up the nests on their own.

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    Re: My english writing in day 3

    This is primarily a language discussion forum and not a proofreading site- people will look at writing, but it is a time-consuming task and there are no guarantees that threads will get looked at. You will find more activity in the discussion areas, where most of the teachers around spend more of their time. For instance, I do not correct writing because the site eats up al my free time as it is, so I stopped doing any a few years ago. If you come and join us in the discussions in places like Ask a Teacher - ESL Forum, you'll be able to communicate more directly, and this will help your writing too. By all means, do post your writing in this section but it can take time for people to look at it.

    I'll start this one. Firstly, as it's a story I don't like the use of initials- it would be better if you gave there nams, then went on just to use a first name.

    Today I want to share another story to the readers here.
    Check this sentence- one mistake

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