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With an aim to building on the unprecedented success at the football competition in 2009, the government aggressively introduced Project P SW in 2010. Based on the main theme of Project P, the rejuvenation of local football industry mainly hinges on the modernization of FAs organization and the successful community football development.
Modernization of FAs organization
On the modernization of FAs organization, the FAs sphere of influence is suggested to be significantly extended. In the near future, the FA should also have an comprehensive overview of all local football activities at different levels. In addition, the FA should align all available people and resources to the simultaneous development and systematic improvement of all grass roots football development, amateur leagues and pathways at all levels.
On the other hand, a new FA assembly is to replace the current FA membership on a phrases basis so that even the amateur and districts football organizations can exert an influence on local football development.
To further professionalize and expand the FAs organizational structure, a strong technical directorate is set to be formed to systematically deliver football development at all levels through the work of specialist development managers. Likewise, eighteen community development officers will be deployed to work at a district level to well manage the community football development and enhance the connection between the FA and the community.

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