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    Back in black meaning


    I wonder whether the following expression, Back in black is an idiom, english or other or is just a title of one of Amy Winehouse´s great songs.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Back in black meaning

    It's not an idiom to me- just a title.

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    Re: Back in black meaning

    'In the black' is an idiom. But I don't know enough Amy Winehouse's lyrics to know whether it might appy. It's possible, as some people do use the language of finance to speak about sexual fortunes - so 'back in the black' might mean 'back in a partnership where I receive more than I give'. The opposite, a partnership in which she gave more than she received would put her 'in the red'.

    But as Tdol said, it's just a title. Maybe she's wearing black clothes again. (in fact, a serial husband-murder might say she was back in black*. But I doubt if that's the meaning here )


    PS = Dressed as a widow
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