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Thread: Wind or Windy?

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    Post Re: Wind or Windy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Weaver67 View Post
    One can imagine a girl named Windy, who is strong.

    Excuse me please. There is a strong Windy blowing on the door. May I let her in, sir?

    Though grammatically correct, looks like a funny sort of nonsense.

    Fortunately, we haven't got Windy as a person's name among the options.

    Ohh....you made my day :D

    And yeah the correct answer is "wind" even in Hungary :)

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    Re: Wind or Windy?

    There is a very strong wind blowing = A very strong wind is blowing there, where 'wind', a noun, is the subject, which can't be an adjective such as 'windy'.
    I am not a teacher.

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