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Thread: using caps

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    using caps

    I have a question about using caps,
    our son got marked wrong on a question, I taught him this and I feel I am right, but the teacher said he was wrong. It was sentances using caps, and this is the sentance:

    "Did you let the dog out?" Mother asked.

    I said mother should be in caps and she said it should not. I say that mother should not be in caps IF the sentance would have said: ... my mother.
    but because it just said mother, I think mother should be in caps. am I right

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    RULE 5: Capitalize words that show family relationship when they are used as part of a personís name or as a substitute for a personís name.

    Example 1: Today is Grandmotherís birthday.

    Example 2: Where are we going, Dad?

    Example 3: Is Uncle Gene coming with us?

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