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    What do you think of my accent?

    Hi everyone!
    I really need help regarding my accent.
    I'm from Quebec, Canada and I learn English since 3rd grade. However, teachers didn't really focus on the speaking and I managed to skip all of those rare oral presentations. As a result I am pretty lacking when it comes to speak even though I consider myself as a bilingual (my friends laugh at that because they say I must speak perfectly to consider myself a bilingual ). I never spoke more than 10 minutes in a row and I'm very shy when it comes to speak to native English speaker. I think it's because I'm a little self-conscious about my accent and I don't want people to laugh at me…

    I was on Yahoo Answer earlier to ask the question "What does my accent sounds like for native English speakers?" and a guy told me he doesn't even care and my accent was horrible (he called me a foreigner too)

    It's the first step I ever took regarding my accent and I'm even more scared and shy because of that rude guy… I figured out that people on this website must be a little more courteous and polite since it's to help English learners…

    So my questions are :
    Is my accent horrible? (loll be honest)
    Am I easily understandable?
    What are my pronunciation mistakes specifically ?

    This is the text I read. I started from the fifth paragraph :

    This is the link for my video :

    Thank you guys I really appreciate your help! This is a huge step for me! feel free to speak your mind about it I just want to improve :)

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    Re: What do you think of my accent?

    Your accent's not horrible and in general there are no problems understanding you. However, you word stress is a bit unnatural at times, but this could be the result of reading a text of someone else's words. It would be better if you recorded yourself speaking and not reading a text- that way you'd give people a more natural sample to listen to. Could you do that?

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