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    need urgent help

    Dear teachers,
    some experts from Britain will visit our university, I will prepare a banner to welcome them, but i dont' know how to write it, can you help me?
    "Welcome experts from Britain to our university"
    "Experts from Britain, welcome to our university"
    "Experts from Britain, you are very welcome here in our university"
    which one is appropriate?
    can you write one for me?

    by the way, there is a room next to the classrooms for teachers to have a rest. I will put up a sign on the door, what should i write? " rest room"? but i know it means lavatory, "lounge"? "crush-room"? or just "teachers' room"?
    please help me, it is urgent.

    thanks a million!!!

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    Re: need urgent help

    How your university treats and entertains its guests are more important than what is written in a banner but, if you insist, I suggest you write it as:-
    "We extend a warm welcome to our honourable guests from Britain."
    (Write "honourable" with a "u" since they are from Britain and don't write "experts" because there are always some in the group who are visit-coordinators, interpreters, etc. and not experts and may feel "unwelcome")

    As for the "Teachers Only" sign, you can leave it as it is or change it to "V.I.P. Room" if you are going to re-decorate it especially for the occasion.

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    Re: need urgent help

    I agree- in BrE, we don't use the term 'expert' for a position, so it would sound a bit strange to us- expertise is the level of knowledge.

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