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  1. Carolys

    Question Non finite clause

    I do not know if somebody can help me. I need to answer a question.
    Can I find a non finite clause acting as a CO?
    I'm very interested in grammar. I'm Chilean and I'm very happy because I could find this page!

    I'm studying English.
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    Re: Non finite clause


    If by "CO" you mean object complement, you may want to check out this site:

    EX: They told you to go home. object complement

    Object Complement Test
    => Insert a form of the verb BE between the direct object and the phrase in question, and if the result makes sense then the phrase in question functions as an object complement. For example: You are to go home.

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    Re: Non finite clause

    I do not agree with that analysis
    please tell me if I'm wrong, but I undertand that a CO ( Object complement as we call in my university) has a direct identity relationship with the Object and in this sentence "YOU" is not the same as "TO GO HOME". I think here we have a case of two objects because somebody was affected ( told ) and something was said ( to go home)
    I remember analysing one sentence with a case of two objects,

    e.g. I advised Jim not to miss the office meeting.

    please, sorry by my writing mistakes!
    Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Non finite clause

    the linked page is good!

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    Re: Non finite clause

    How about:

    "Consider it done."

    Or is that too dodgy?

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