What a stupid is our life, can anybody tell me who doesn't want money, everybody wants the money so don't be exited: I want money too, but the problem is that I am only fourteen and I don't know how to make money my own, what i know is just how to play computer games and now, if I write that I need one thousand dollars, in this forum nobody will give it to me, am not I right? I think I am... Now do you see how stupid is our, or if not yours, my life? Now many people will laugh on my thread and they will laugh on me, but none of them would know how I really want and how I really need that money, someone may really send me message that he wants to give me money, but I know that he's still laughing at me and there is no human who may really give me that money. Do you know why? Easy to answer: Because this is stupid life but nobody can see it.