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    Questions about a writing app

    Hi everyone:)
    I've been learning english now for some years in school and right now i'm staying in india, where i have to talk almost only english. I am very happy about this oppurtunity to learn and i would recommend everyone of you who wants to learn english: visit english speaking countries and learn by doing:)
    my only problem here is, i have to write many texts in english and i have problems with my grammar sometimes... so i wanted to practise this is bit. a friend told me to use an app called iexpert english, because it's focused on exactly my needs (writing essays, grammar, structuring...). Has anyone heard about that? I don't want to download it without knowing it's good and since you are all english learners, maybe someone came upon it sometimes and can give a brief review? thank you and continue learning! English is such a great language!:)

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    Re: The best way to learn writing in English?

    Welcome to the forum, KiraKu.

    Note that languages (like English), countries (like India) and the personal pronoun I are always capitalised.


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