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    Is there such thing where we can listen to accents of English-speaking people from various parts of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc? I like to be able to tell what accent people speak. In the past I couldn't. But now I can tell some of the accents spoken in the UK. But there are still some accents that I hear everyday but not sure what they are called.

    If there is no such thing, would it be a good idea to create one here? I am thinking of putting some audio clips online. Only that I have no web space. Would it be possible to have say this thread with a collection of short audio clips of various accents? The audio could be in MP3 format with not too high quality to reduce the file size. For a start I can record voices from UK TV. This should cover most accents spoken in the UK. Then people could join in from other parts of the world. Then we will have various American accents, Australian accents, South African accent and others from English-speaking countries. Then we can also add voices of non-native English-speaking people. For example we will be able to tell if this English-speaking voice is being spoken by a Frenchman or a German or a Chinese, etc.

    I think many people will be very interested especially people learning English from around the world. team, what do you think?

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