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Thread: since/untill

  1. maths_fan


    In my grammer book there is a sentence:

    I always stay on duty (since/untill) six o'clock.

    And you should choose between "since" and "untill". I can't understand, why it is "untill". I thought that it's no matter in fact what to use "since" or "untill" in this case.

    Thank you.

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    Re: since/untill

    In that context, "until" means, up to or as late as, whereas "since" means, from then to now. "until" is the correct choice.

    Here are a few examples for "since":

    EX: I been working here since Friday. (throughout a period)
    EX: What have you been doing since Friday? (the time after Friday)
    EX: I haven't seen Max since Friday. (from that time until now)


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