Could you please check the letter addressed to the university. I would be very grateful.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm going to apply for one of your IDP programs. And I have a few questions on how to properly fill out the application. Could you please help me.

1) As I understand it, I am able to apply for two programs. For example, my main aim is Finance, but if I am not accepted, the selection committee will consider my candidacy for the program which I pointed out in the «Second choice», right?

2) What is the difference between dates in paragraphs 5 and 11? Should they be the same?

3) In paragraph 5 there is a separate line called «Credit card billing address:», what should I write there? I wrote my billing address below (in the fields «Street::», «City:», «Country:», etc.).

4) It is true that if I provide the bank statement of my account, I do not need to fill third page in the application, which is called «FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND CERTIFICATION»?

I would be grateful for detailed answers.

Yours faithfully, Irina Krasnikova.