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Thread: reject drama

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    reject drama

    Please set me clear on the following in red.

    Someone once asked me to explain the value of a Yoda, and I replied, "The Yoda teaches you what no one else had the courage or capacity to teach you about yourself." Lessons like "Gina, when you reject drama in your life, it is only then that life becomes poetic." Lessons like "Anything is possible for you when you act as if." And truths such as "never, ever take no for an answer...

    I can understand the above literally, but what does "reject drama" mean in the context? Is it saying "when you reject dramatic events or avoid risks, life becomes more peaceful or romantic"? And on the second one, as if what? Is it saying "Anything is possible for you when you act as if it is possible"?

    Thank you.

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    Re: reject drama

    Reject is a verb here - in other words, the person actively chooses to avoid stressful situations (the drama) and instead opts for harmony.

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    Re: reject drama

    Not just stressful situations, but involvement with those who live their lives like they are on a soap opera. When you don't care what Bob said about Susie when they were talking about Jim's mother-in-law's latest operation and how her uncle lost his job at the plant...

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