Water is in short supply in many countries of the world, but consumption of water by families is increasing. Why is this happening? What can be done to preserve water?
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Nowadays, despite shortage of water supply in many countries, there has been an alarming increase in water consumption which is caused by families. There are several reasons of this problem and certain solutions can be suggested for it. The following are just a few of these:

One of the main causes of this issue is overcrowding. These days, many people are migrating to urban areas which have a limited water supply. Growing of population in these areas might lead to over-consumption of water. As a result, it brings about serious problems. Another cause is lack of public awareness about importance of water supply. The majority of families usually waste water for unnecessary purposes without any awareness about limitation of water resources. For example, many families have a swimming pool in their house which always wastes a big amount of water.

One of the most important solutions for preserving the water is increasing public awareness. For instance, a number of educational TV programs and cartoons could be provided in order to inform children or adults about negative effects of squandering of water. Another suggestion is that governments should take measures to introduce drastic legislation to forbid over-consumption. Particularly, they could increase price of water bills for house consumptions.

In conclusion, there are many factors which cause that some families consume more water these days. I personally believe that the most important factors are over population and lack of public awareness. Thus, governments should devise a comprehensive plan to deal with these problems. In my opinion, they could concentrate on public education as a best strategy.