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    1) Is it right to say " I feel I can do it " or it is formally better to say " I feel that I can do it "?

    2) What is the difference between " I do have enough money " or " I have enough money "?

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    Re: Mr.

    Welcome to the forum, astra.

    As your first question is about I feel I can do it, that would have been a better thread title.

    Mr. is meaningless as a title.

    1) Both versions are correct. The second is probably slightly more formal.

    2) The sentence with do is more emphatic and may be used like this:

    YOU: 'I'm going to buy a new watch.'

    ME: 'You haven't enough money.'

    YOU: 'I do have enough money!' (with emphasis on do).

    In future, please ask unrelated questions in separate threads. You'll get quicker answers that way.



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