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    Question about " someone or something is CRAZY "

    Hello, dear teachers.

    I have got something to ask about.


    A: Do you speak English?

    B: oh sorry, I don't speak English.

    < After holding a short talk >

    A: You said, you don't speak English ! But, You speak CRAZY !!

    B: haha not at all..

    2. Dude, that movie was CRAZY !!

    3. while I was playing a computer game, one of my friends approached me and said, " Wow, You are CRAZY " !! < I am not a crazy person... >

    Could CRAZY be used to mean " something is neat/cool/awesome etc" ?

    Would you tell me what CRAZY means in these sentences above ?
    < I don't think "CRAZY" in the sentences mean " MAD or INSANE " ...

    Thank you so much for the help, in advance.

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    Re: Question about " someone or something is CRAZY "

    Try going to and looking up 'crazy'. You might find the answer there.

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