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    Confused by pronunciation of 'living'

    Good day.

    My question is about the song of the 'Aerosmith' band called 'livin' on the edge'. If you've never heard it or, for some reason, don't want to listen to it, you may leave my question unanswered.

    I'm confused by Mr. Tyler's pronunciation of the word 'living'. The 1st i sounds to me more like in the word 'leaving' or 'leaning'. But this conflicts with the dictionary transcription and the way they pronounce it on American and British TV channels.

    Is this just another legal pronunciation?


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    Re: Confused by pronunciation of 'living'

    It sounds like the normal pronunciation to me - it may be a slightly longer vowel than I'd use in my normal speech.

    One should not try to judge pronunciation or grammar by what one hears in popular songs.

    ps. there is no such thing as 'legal' pronunciation - simply pronunciation that is generally accepted as standard.

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