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  1. Ashleemale

    2 questions

    i'm an English home tutor teaching French school kids and I am stuck on two particular things....
    How do I describe the difference between to do and to make?????
    I said that to make is used when we contruct things, so when one students had the sentence 'I've made lots of friends' she found it hilarious and thought that English people actually build their friends.

    Also, in asking closed questions we always use to be, to have or to do as the 'question verb'... DO you speak English? HAVE you go your books? AM I stupid? But is there a rule as to which verb we use??? I can tell my students that we must use one of the three, but when and why????
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    Re: 2 questions

    Hello Ashleemale .
    To make primarily means to constract or manufacture something . while to do means to accomplish a thing
    The carpenter made a large table .
    you must do your work carefully
    but be careful that we have exception in the rule
    and the common exceptions with make and do ..
    to make a mistake , to make a promise , to make a speech , to make an excuse , to make a friends , to make haste , to make a fun of , to make a progress , to make a noise , to make a bed ( to prepare the bed for sleeping on )
    to do good , to do evil , to do your best , to do your duty , to do someone a favour , to do wrong , to do puzzle , to do business , to do away with , to do gymnastics , to do exercises

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    Re: 2 questions

    As a basic distinction, use 'do' for an activity or process and 'make' with the result or product. there are exceptions.

    For the second questions-

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