Some people say that education system is the only critical factor to the development of a country. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The important role of education is recognized all over the world. Many people believe that education system is the only and most notable factor to development of a country. As for me, I totally agree with this idea.

We all know that every nation need human force to develop. But it has to be trained workers and skilful employees. If a country has a lot of people in working age but these people do not have required knowledge and needed skills, so the country is lack of skilled workers and still has the problem of unemployment. In short, education is the stepping-stone to an advanced economy.

Beside, a country with good education system will be full of broadminded, civilized, cultivated citizens. Therefore, it will be easier to raise public awareness of issues like environment, hygiene, criminal, act. and the country will not have to cope with problems like pollution or illegal activities. So, education is the foundation of social progress.

More important, developing the education system is a way to create new generations of talented leaders for the country. A wise, well educated president will initiate coherent, conscious and deliberate policies, thus, lead the nation to sustainable development. Beside, knowledgeable assistances will put those policies into action.

In conclusion, education system have its key role in economic development and social advancement. It also help creating new generations of brilliant leaders for the country. So, it is so obvious that education system is the critical factor to progress of a country.