Please help me with my TOEFL essay.

In the world that we live in people always rush and are buried with business. All people tend to use the privileges of the developing technologies and the modern means of satisfying their everyday needs in order to save time.
Fast food restaurants and microwave ovens have introduced to the world a faster way of fulfilling one of the principal necessities. But not always the faster and the saving time ways of achieving things turns out to be the most beneficial for the society. These ways of feeding stand on the way of health as they influence on the human organism in a rather bad manner.
The ease of providing food that this type of restaurants and the microwave has given to the world helps us cope with our busy agenda and save a significant amount of energy and time. In almost every kitchen we can see such an oven used daily by every member of the family and nowadays more and more people have a fast food delivery number on speed dial. The economy of time and vigor has always been helpful to people and this way of preparation of food has been considered a great blessing for the human kind.
However, with the growing use of such means of providing food less people realize the bad influence that these feeding habits have. As the population becomes more endangered by various diseases, eating the unhealthy food prepared in fast food restaurants or at home using the microwave, the society grows up to be more vulnerable and open to be affected with different illnesses. Not only eating outdoors is usually more expensive than cooking within doors but it is also putting our health into a hazardous zone risking our lives.
In conclusion, I would like to state that people should realize the harm they are causing to themselves and start leading a more healthy life by at least restricting the bad influence of unhealthy food to minimum. We have to look for ourselves and pay greater attention to the simple things in our day that stand on the way of a better life.

Thank you!