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    Smile can anybody tell me how to ues "i guess" in sentence

    i been heering a lot of " i guess" phrares like i guess i will see you soon or
    i guess you can come. does make a difference if you don`t say i guess in those
    two sentences. and more more thing. i asked my english speaking friend to do something for me. and he was like "i guess", i know what he means but i don`t know exactly. when some one replies saying i guess do they mean they are not willing to do it and rather not do than do it.

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    Re: can anybody tell me how to ues "i guess" in sentence



    (1) You have asked a very interesting question. I am eager to see the answers that

    you get.

    (2) You go to a restaurant and meet someone who is in your math class. You are not

    friends. But you two have seen each other in class for two months.

    You: I'm in Professor Smith's class.
    Tom: I know. I've seen you.
    You: Do you come here often?
    Tom: Maybe two or three times a month.
    You: Well, it was nice meeting you.
    Tom: Me, too. I guess I'll see you around. = Maybe there is the possibility that we will meet again since we both seem to like this restaurant and are in the same class.


    The Parser: I hear you are having a party tonight.
    You: That's right.
    The Parser: I did not get an invitation.
    You: Oh, I'm sorry! My apartment is very small, so the manager will let me invite only 10 people.
    The Parser: I really have nothing to do tonight.
    You: Is that right!
    The Parser: Is it OK if I drop by your party tonight for just a few minutes.
    You: I guess so. = You don't want to hurt the Parser's feelings, so if he comes, you will not make him leave.

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    Re: can anybody tell me how to ues "i guess" in sentence

    chriskim, I wrote after your first post last week: "please use capital letters for the first person pronoun and the first word of a sentence".

    If you want us to help you, please make some effort to write correct English

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