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    attitude: understanding or negative

    The following paragraph is the fifth paragraph of an article taken from my test paper. The comprehension test item about this paragraph is:

    What’s the author’s attitude towards the 20-somthings with high expectations in Paragraph 5?
    A. Intolerant. B. Negative. C. Unbelieving. D. Understanding
    The given answer is D. But I think the author's attitude toward the young people's extremely high expectations is negative because he/she thinks it is a problem. Am I right? Thank you in advance.

    Yes, it’s sad that these young people feel so lost. But I think the problem is their extremely high expectations, not economic reality. Beth Kobliner, author of Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties, says that she thinks people’s expectations are slowly adjusting, but today’s 20-somethings grew up at a time when everyone’s wealth appeared to be expanding. Their parents probably saw their home values rise along with their investments. “So you have people who have grown up in an environment where people had great expectations of what living well means,” says Kobliner.

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    Re: attitude: understanding or negative

    The author thinks it's a problem, but feels that it is not their fault. That'ss not negative towards them.

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