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    Smile Teacher I have a question!

    Thanks for reading my question.
    please understand me for not being fluent of using English.
    I'm just a toddler.

    In my country, University requires some English exam's grade for entering.
    but because my country is non-English nation, many students have difficulty studying

    So my question is:

    Q. Fill in the blank

    Some people tend to be late as a general rule, whether they are busy or not.
    To stop being late, all one has to do is change the motivation by deciding th
    at in all circumstances being on time is going to have first priority over any o
    ther consideration. Presto! You will never have to run for a plane or miss an
    appointment again. As a lifelong latecomer, that is how I cured myself. Havi
    ng made the decision that ____________ was now of major importance, I fo
    und that answers came automatically to such questions as "Can I squeeze
    in one more errand before the dentist?" or "Do I have to leave for the airport n
    ow?" The answers are always no, and yes. Choosing to be on time will mak
    e your life enormously easier, and that of your family, friends, and colleagues
    as well.

    1.precision 2.promptness

    I think this quiz is intended to measure student's logical capacity.

    However, the point is my country's non-native teachers are against my opinion.

    they,in fact, claim that an examiner's intention is 'whether to use an word properly or not.'
    that is, the word 'precision' isn't fit well to expressions about 'time'.
    so, 'promptness' is the only answer.

    Of course, Both they and me solve the problem.
    however,unfortunately, the ground on which each of us is based is definately different.
    As far as i know, the first question in above passages 'Can I squeeze…the dentist?'

    is the core expression for me to guess correctly.

    In other words, If the question were out of above passages, then the answer

    would be no.1, precision.

    but, now that the expression in the sentence is not so fitted to 'precision' much as 'promptness',because these reason, I think the answer is 'promptness'

    so I wonder if my reasoning is wrong or not.

    i'm happy to know this very valuable site.
    thanks for everyone. good night!

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    Re: Teacher I have a question!

    . Have a look at this :promptness, and come back if you have any questions

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