Hi everyone !!

Could you please review the content of my cover letter? I'm spanish and my level of english is not the best, sorry for any mistake.

Dear Sir or Madam

My name is ______________ and this is my cover letter for applying for the Master Degree. I have been informed about the prestige of this master by many professors and other external sources. I have been investigating about the courses and the advanced knowledge which can offer to me.

I will finish my bachelor in Telematics this year at Technical University of Madrid and I would like to keep increasing my knowledge in this field. After investigating the courses descriptions I think this degree is exactly what I am looking for. I also would like to have the opportunity of working abroad, especially in the Nordic countries.

Understanding how work the networks is something that make me enjoy, I need to know how operate the things, I need to find it out and this is the reason cause I went deep in the Telecommunications field.

In order to keep increasing my abilities I spent the last year in Västeras ( Sweden) writing my Thesis Work about Bluetooth networks. I was travelling and I fell in love with Nordic countries, their respect, their effort culture, and the quality of the education. I do like to integrate in the new societies and cultures which I visit and learn all I can about them. I feel qualified and very excited about this challenge.

It is a unique opportunity for taking a big step in my career and I value the effort very much besides the work well rewarded. I am a constant and persevering person, I need to fight for the objectives which I believe.

During my life I have learnt the teamwork values, how to win, how to lose, and also recognize the mistakes in order to learn about them and avoid making them and be able to focus in the important things pursuing these targets. It is very easy talking about my career and to ask and investigate about the new techniques. I need to solve every problem and challenge which comes up. I enjoy investigating new concepts about networks and I really would like to create new techniques in order to improve the existent technology and contribute for this world. I am an ambitious person but always with respect and working humbly day after day and keep improving as person in a human and professional way.

In conclusion, this master degree would be a unique opportunity to keep growing up in this field and get and advanced knowledge in the Telecommunications world which is very useful for the challenges in the future.

I thank you the time spent for reading this letter and giving me the opportunity for applying for this master degree. I hope you like and thank so much again.

Thank you for your time !!

Best Regards.