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    a question to teacher

    Thanks for reading my question.
    please understand me for not being fluent of using English.
    I'm just a toddler.

    In my country, University requires some English exam's grade for entering.
    but because my country is non-English nation, many students have difficulty studying

    So my question is:

    Q. Choose the best answer

    Consumers of different age groups obviously have very different needs and
    wants. Although people who belong to the same age group differ in many
    other ways, they do tend to share a set of values and common cultural ex
    periences that they carry throughout life. In some cases, marketers initiall
    y develop a product to attract one age group and then try to___________.
    That is what the high-octane energy drink Reddox does. The company agg
    ressively introduced it in bars, nightclubs, and gyms to the product's core
    audience of young people. Over time, it became popular in other contexts,
    and the company began to sponsor the PGA European Tour to expand its
    reach to older golfers. It also hands out free cans to commuters, cab drive
    rs, and car rental agencies to promote the drink as a wat to stay alert on t
    he road.

    1)broaden its appeal later on
    2)upgrade it for other age groups

    I think this quiz is intended to measure student's logical capacity.
    (though in native's perspective, this may be a piece of a cake.)

    However, the point is my country's non-native teachers are against my opinion.

    they,in fact, claim that an examiner's intention is 'whether to use an word properly or not.'
    that is, the word 'upgrade' isn't fit well to the passages.
    so, number 2) is the only answer.

    Of course, Both they and I solved the problem.
    however,unfortunately, the ground on which each of us is based is definately different.
    As far as i know, in above passage, cues are like this:

    appeal to 'young' people -> expand its reach to 'older' golfers-> and finally commuters, etc.

    I think these cues are most important things for me to solve the problem.

    let's assume that no.2) is the right answer.
    then, the answer isn't fit well to 'finally commuters, etc' in cues.
    'other age groups' doesn't contain sentence 'It also hands out ~ on the road' in that
    'age' hasn't relevance to that final sentence.
    If no.2) will be the right answer, then sentences 'It also ~..' should be removed from the passage.
    For these reasons, I think no.1) is more cohesive, logical, than no.2)

    so I wonder if my reasoning is wrong or not.

    i'm happy to know this very valuable site.
    thanks for everyone. good night!

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    Re: a question to teacher

    I would answer "broaden" not "upgrade."
    I'm not a teacher, but I write for a living. Please don't ask me about 2nd conditionals, but I'm a safe bet for what reads well in (American) English.

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    Re: a question to teacher

    I would definitely go for 'broaden its (the product's) appeal'. I don't thik there is any upgrading involved.

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