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  1. samiha

    Conditional Functions

    Please, can anybody help me to understand "Conditional Functions"
    I must say that I'm at times really confused!

    eg. If you save money now, you'll be rich later.

    Is it a ... 1. Hypothetical situation
    2. An advice
    3. General truth and things that happen all the time
    4. A future possibility or probability
    5. An imaginary situation (high;y unlikely)

    eg. If you build it, he will come.

    Is it a... 1. Hypothetical situation
    2. Future possibility
    3. An advice

    eg. If you don't stop playing with my computer, you'll break it.

    1. Future probability
    2. Advice
    3. warning

    eg. The temperature will be around 20 degrees Celsius tomorrow

    1. A future possibility
    2. A definite future event

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    Re: Conditional Functions

    Firstly, what do you think? Is the weather certain? Is telling people about the possibility of breaking things advice or a warning? Is it a sign of danger or a suggestion of the path you think they should follow?

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