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    squirrel, comprehension, wind

    Dear teachers,

    I have three questions to ask:

    I came across the expression “ground squirrel” and from the description of it I guess it is anther name for Marmotini which does harm to crops. Is that right?

    We heard a ground squirrel whistle down over the bluff among the dead treetops.
    First, “whistle down” is not a set phrase. Is that right?
    Second, because the ground squirrel was on treetops for those who were down below the sound came from the bluff which was high above the ground. That’s why there is the word “down” (from the bluff to the ground) and “over” (from the ground to the bluff). Is that right?

    The red evening clouds floated above the pine trees. His face was red in the blue wind.
    Since the clouds were red at that moment why is the wind blue?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: squirrel, comprehension, wind

    You seem to have correctly answered the first question. A Google search will give you further information.

    Try to ask just one question in each new thread. It may elicit more responses.

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