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    fill in the correct answer

    complete the following extracts from news papers with either was/were or has/have.if both singular and plural forms are possible,write them both.(B&C)
    1,The crowd------growing restless as the day got hotter.
    2,Sony-----announced rising profits for the third year running.
    3,The police-----issued a warrant for Adamson`s arrest.
    4,When she was found,her face was bruised and her clothes----------torn.
    5,The public-------a right to know how the money is to be spent.
    6,Thomas was thought to be in Spain, although his exact whereabout---------------unknown?
    7,The stairs leading to the exit------------steep and dangerous,said the report.
    8,Lord Traver`s family-------------lived in the house for twelve generations.
    9,The college---------spent over $500,000 on a new sports centre.
    10,People-------------running in all directions trying to get away.

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    Re: fill in the correct answer

    We don't do people's homework for them.

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