Being able to do things your own way is more accomplishing than any other way. Every person is unique in the way he or she learns and does things. There are examples I have taken from the invention of the rocket and its impact on science, the accomplishments of the Beatles, and the formation of the United States. By doing it their way, these people have had a significant influence on our world today.

During the 1900s, scientist Robert Goddad developed the idea of exploding fuel to launch an object to a certain height. This idea was considered absurd to many of the scientist of his time and they thought it would never be useful. Still that did not stop him from researching and experimenting with rockets. Believing in his own ideas, Goddad launched many rockets until it gained the recognition of a school named Clark University. This opened a field of science known as rocket science. Today his discoveries are the foundation of NASA, and he is known as the father of modern rocketry.

In the world of music, the Beatles is an example of a band that did it their way and succeeded greatly. In the bandís early years, a recording company told them that their style of music was not good and that they needed to change. As a result the Beatles departed from that company. Being allowed to choose their own styles of music, they invented what we know as rock and roll. They received at least seven Grammy Awards throughout their career and continue to influence the music world.

In history, The United States of America is a country who chose to do it its own way. Following the American Revolution and Civil War, a government known as a democracy was formed. If it were not for our forefathers we would not be living with the freedoms we have today. They believed in a government that had limited power and whose power was with its people. This set the foundations for our country. Today, America stands as a great country. It has stood because of the way people fought for their beliefs. They did not follow a parliamentary system like Great Britain but branched into something that was rewarding.

In many ways people who do things their own way accomplish more. Just like the discovery of rocket science, the Beatles, and our countryís founding fathers, people are inclined to productivity and new ideas by using personal methods. Being allowed to make your own choices makes you unique and lets you reach higher goals. People are looking for new things and ideas in the world today and it will only come by doing it your way.