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    Exclamation Have I filled in the modal verbs and auxiliary verbs correctly? Please can correct it

    Write the modal verb or auxiliary verb as it would appear in the sentence. Some of the gaps can take one, two or three possibilities, but just write ONE. For example, The Science of Mind conference was all about how the whole universe might/may/could just be a hologram. The answer could be could, may or might.

    The Science of Mind conference was all about how the whole universe 'MAY' just be a hologram. At least that’s what I 'HAD' imagined it was about. I wasn’t so keen to go, if truth be told, but Rachel 'HAS' been into all this new age stuff for years and she had no one to go with. I 'SHOULD' have listened at least with feigned interest about the stuff she 'HAD' given me to read but I 'COULD' not get my head around some of the concepts and occasionally nod off.

    About half an hour into the conference, just as I thought I 'HAVE' had enough, I noticed someone sitting a few rows in front, someone familiar. I wasn’t sure and I .................. ....................... been mistaken and 'COULD' have mistaken him for someone else but I decided to approach him when we broke for coffee.


    “Hey, is that you Scott?”

    I shook his hand heartily and Michael’s face broke into a wide grin. His hair 'HAD' become very thin and 'IT' started receding but he looked different. Then I realised what it was. “No glasses. I almost didn’t recognize you.”

    “Contacts,” Michael explained. “My goodness, what are you doing here?”

    “Ah, you know … supporting Rachel and all that. I 'HAVE' to be working but thought that I ..................better support her. She’s the one into all this stuff.” I gestured vaguely around me.
    “What? Are you still with Rachel Moore?”
    I held up the fourth finger of my left hand.
    “Married? Oh my goodness! Well that is a surprise. I mean … that’s quite wonderful. Congratulations.” He thrust his hand out and I took it and we shook vigorously.
    “Yeah. five years now. We lived together for ages before that, but you know … parents.”
    Michael sighed. “Yes, indeed … parents. Don’t I know it.”
    “I’m so sorry. I 'SHOULD HAVE' stayed in touch but I 'HAVE' been so busy since university.”
    “Yeah, me too. I ............. ................ done the same but life has been so hectic.
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