can someone please correct my essay

My name is Steven acuna incoming freshen of the year 2011 2012. currently I am in my senior year at Burlington county institute of technology (BCIT). A school that not only offers academics but also career majors to explore. Incoming freshmen at BCIT are to chose 4 majors to explore for a week and the one that they do the best in and want to be in the selected class have a good chance of being put into that selected major. My freshmen year I explored Pre-engineering, computer science, electronics, and office technology. I was accepting into all of them and chose Pre-engineering as my 4 year course. Now my career major was not the only thing in high school that I enjoyed and learned from my activeness in after school clubs. Combining my career major, my activities and my academics i have gained many experiences that will push me forward in life.

Over the course of the last three years I have been given the opportunity to explore many engineering fields in my career major. All of the fields where explained in a set of books called LAPS.
Laps books taught us and instructed us how to work on the machinery in-front of us and how to be safe while learning. From thermal systems to robotics to manufacturing process only some of many I have explored in Pre-engineering they all taught me different skills but they all taught me one main skill to have as an engineer. Communication and working well in groups is the best way to get the job done. In my academic classes mostly I was independent but in my career major I always worked with someone to get our work done.

Since my freshmen year at BCIT I have participated in a number of after school activates.
Those activities include; Robotics, Big-brother Big-sister, Human relations, Robotics Lego League. As well as my activities out side school; Robotech educational services and a Youth policy summit sponsored by Keystone. All of these different activities let me experience how to build models, Trust others and communicate with my fellow peers and partners. Especially in Robotics, at BCIT team 816 Robotics we are given a game every January and from then we have six weeks to build a fully functional robot to play the designed game. My second activity that I have participated the most in my three years of high school so far would be Big-brother Big-sister. What BBBS is, is a mentoring program where juniors and seniors take on a freshmen or sophomore as there little and basically act like their big-bro. Paying attention to how their acting, helping with any problems and also working together to help the community. As well as being a mentoring program we also do community service together with our little's to build relation ships with both each other and our community.